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Piano Tuning Services for 2017

Thank you for choosing the Piano Shoppe of Cary to tune your piano. There are many piano technicians in the triangle area. Not all are the same. To begin with many technicians skills vary due to their experience, age and knowledge. Bob Kimball is the principle piano technician for The Piano Shoppe of Cary. Bob has over 25 years of experience tuning pianos. He is factory trained by Steinway and Baldwin. Bob uses the latest test equipment to make sure your piano is tuned properly. Prices range from seventy five dollars a tuning to one hundred and fifty dollars. Please consult with Bob before you have your piano tuned.
The piano Shoppe also offers Voicing and Regulating of your piano to give it that bright rich sound.

Please call the Piano Shoppe today to schedule your appointment. We don’t say we are the best, our customers do.

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